I was all excited when I saw that web 0S 1.4 had better support for phone URLs, but I still can't dial conference call codes.

For instance, in an appointment, if someone has a phone number in the text, it shows up as a clickable hyperlink 800-111-2222.

And in my contacts, I can set up an entry for my conference calls that supports pausing and entering the conference call passcode:


This dials the number, waits 8 seconds, then dials the passcode.

I was hoping now that 1.4 supports urls we could use something like tel:800-111-2222tttt123456# or tel:800-111-2222,,,,123456# actually in the calendar text.

However, so far all my attempts to create telephone URL with embedded pauses always breaks at the non numerical characters (whether I'm using t or comma for delay).


I can click on either the number or the passcode, but can not string them together. If I click on the number then the passcode, it opens the passcode as a second call.

Has anyone found a syntax to make this work from with a calendar appointment? Again, works fine from contacts phone number field, but not as a url from calendar.

This would be a great feature for those who spend hours a day on conference calls and need to take them from the road. I would love to be able to include in my meeting invite, the url for dialing Palm Pre, Iphone and Droid.