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    I am having trouble installing preware into the pre. I have quick install 3.0.2. preware 9.28 and the other module is already appearing in quick install. When I press install I can see the "installing" window but it is not disappearing in quick install...

    I reset the pre but no sign of preware.

    I am on 1.4

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    do you have package manager service installed
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    is that the other package with preware in the check box? I check 2 and they are next to each other.
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    anyone else?
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnj2803 View Post
    anyone else?
    Back in the "old" days (a few months ago), you had to install package manager service first and then Preware. You might want to try that.
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    finally got it to work...

    I am using parallels in mac osx with windows xp.

    I had to restart parallels... thats all...

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