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    Any idea if the Airstash will work with the Pre? I stupidly bought one as soon as it became available today based on an answer I got from them that it should work with any Wifi capable media device. But, it looks like all content is displayed using the browser, not in the media application.
    Am I out $100, or do you think it will work?
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    I seriously hope it will, because I want one too!
    They use the browser to present data, once you follow a link to an audio or videofile it starts streaming - as long as the Pre supports the mediacodecs it should work fine!

    PS: I read a bewildering paragraph on their website today:
    You may return new and unopened products in the original shipping container
    within 30 days of delivery for a refund minus all shipping and handling
    Credit will be issued within a period of 30 days after the receipt of the 
    product and it has been determined that the product has not been opened 
    and is in brand new condition. If it has been determined that the product
    has been opened and/or not in brand new condition, no refund will be issued
    and the returned product becomes property of Wearable Inc.
    Is this common business in the US?
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    I responded to the Tweet that said "Airstash Now Available, go to to order".

    I ordered immediately and my estimated ship date is 3/31. How is that NOW AVAILABLE?
    Between your post and that I may cancel my order and wait and see.
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    I just got it yesterday and started playing with it today. Works great with my iPad and my 1st gen iPod Touch but can't get it view content with my pre. I can get to the home screen and see the files but when I try to stream mp3's it had an error message and when I try to view jpeg pictures it just hangs on a blank screen. Haven't tried video yet since I only have mp4 video and it won't play on the pre. Anyone else get one?
    FYI: My Pre is as plain vanilla as the day it came out of the box...

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