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    At this point, real short and sweet. I had a theme (Indianapolis Colts) that I got stuck on my device. Finally I broke down and did a 100% complete factory reset, AND IT IS STILL THERE!! What can I do??????
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    HELP! the same thing hapend to me after my phone crashed
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    2 options:

    WebOS Repair Utility (with "Override Compatibility" enabled)

    Full-Erase then webOSDoctor
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    Before you do anything extreme, here's my experience: I had the same problem with the Cleveland Browns theme (see, it happens with bad teams too I uninstalled the theme but the background didn't change.

    It turned out that the theme had uninstalled, except for the wallpaper. So all I had to do was change the wallpaper and I was good to go. Not sure why it happens though.

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