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    ever since i installed freeThether my pre doesnt ask if i want to go to USB mode or Charge Only when i plug it into my computer. the charging icon appears, but nothing else. my computer asks if i want to install new hardware. RNDIS Ethernet Gadget, Reduced CDC Abstract Control Module (R-ACM) and Generic Serial. Novacom services dont show up anymore. i just want to use quickinstall. thanks!
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    "mpt x"

    if you are having a problem with your usb not showing the option for usbmode/just charging, and your computer is trying to get you to install ethernet drivers and 2 other drivers:

    open terminal.
    type "mpt x" enter

    then it should disable whatever you messed up trying to install freetether/enable usb net/ usb passthrough.
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    kellyelliott_rock - thanks for posting this solution in enough places you can't miss it!

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