Yes, I'm seeking advice on two issues simultaneously. Have had a new VZW pre plus for not quite 30 days. Am visiting family in FL and can't connect to their wi-fi network (there's no password on it and I am not prompted to enter one). I get a message that says IP Configuration failed. Have restarted, reset their router. I bought them a new router and still can't connect (comcast cable modem). Linksys 2.4 ghz router (model wap54g) router. Haven't set up network security on new router yet, so I know there's no password.

Ran a quick test and it gave me a wi fi hardware error code 25. Wi fi is on, worked fine connected to airport wi-fi on way down. works flawlessly at home and at another home with wi-fi. Of course this was all tested out before I installed update

After update, I have to say things were a little flaky after updated which was pushed to me last Wednesday evening. Pre hung after that update and had to doctor (that's the only thing I've done is use doctor after the first issue when phone was rebooting itself over and over) it back. Can't update apps (or download new ones) either. There's a ghost application at the top of my list with the pause sign but I can't delete it and I don't know what it is. Wonder if it's been saved to my palm profile.

I know these could be separate issues, but for some reason they seem related to me. Everything was fine until update.

Is my best option to work with Verizon tech support or to try some other fix via Preware? (which I know little about yet!). Thanks for any advice you can offer.