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    Is there a way to keep emails on my pre? When I open my Outlook is pulls all emails off of my pre inbox. It's good so I don't end up with 5,000 emails but sometimes I'd rather leave some on the pre because of the ease of recalling etc. Maybe after the 1.4 update? Anyone?
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    emails you download into your pre stay there unless you delete them. What exactly do you want to happen?

    do you want old mails into your pre?
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    Mine get pulled and disapear when I open my outlook express. Hmmmm
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    what email is set up with outlook? Is it corporate email?
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    No...well, I'm a Realtor and my email address does go through my brokers email client.
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    I suspect that the outlook email is set to pop3. Try setting it up as IMAP.
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    Gotcha. I'll give a try, thanks!!

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