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    Every time I try to install anything and I mean literally anything, it says;


    An App Catalog Background Operation is in progress, please try again later.

    It's been doing this for about 4 hours since I got Preware installed.

    I have just installed Preware and WebOS Dr per the great article in the wiki here and the other tweaks using WebOSQI work fine.

    Secondly, the Themer area in WebOSQI says I can' install themes???

    Anyone that can send some insight my way?
    Thanks in advance!
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    look for a program called webos repair utility try that
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    All the repair utilities I can locate are stating they are for the Sprint Pre only. Currently only compatible with WebOS v1.3.5.1 (Sprint/Bell Pre/Pixi), 1.3.1 (GSM Pre), and 1.2.5 (Telcel Pre).
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    It was doing that to me too ... I had to update preware through WOSQI and then everything worked again after that
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    OK well that isn't working either.
    I'm on a Verizon Pre Plus so probably half this stuff isn't going to work right then???
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    Ya OK so I'm an *****...
    Seems my backup was running as well as another app doing it's thing so I guess it was too much going cause now everything works like a champ.
    Gotta love this new OS.
    Just upgraded yesterday from a Centro and it's night and day.

    L8rs and thanks!
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    There also is a known problem that can cause this with Preware. This is not a problem with Preware perse, but making sure you have the latest version of Preware will help. The latest version ignores the bogus version of this error.

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