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    So today for some reason my battery is draining at a clip of 12% per hour. I'm doing nothing with my phone at all. I have no idea what gives. I haven't changed anything but updated my patches and that's all. My battery was draining before at maybe 2% or 3% if that. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could do. I have already restarted and also powered down and took out the battery for a few mins. This just came out of the blue.
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    1. Manually retrieve email
    2. Turn off gps
    3. Turn off wifi/evdo when not in use
    4. Turn brightness to about 6-8 %

    with these 4 things my baterry lasts a fairly decent amount of time.
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    When I had this issue, i took of IM settings in SMS files. It helped a lot, also shorten time for standby.
    my phone gets email as they are arriving in shortest time period and have no probs with this as many other seem to have.
    Good luck
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    I'm Having the same problem. Just started out of the blue on monday. Have not changed anything and before would last a good amount of time.
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    Well all seems back to normal today. It's now 1:30 and I'm at 76%. Which is normal for me in a bad signal area with lite texting and calling. The phone came off the touchstone at 7am. So I can't complain about that. Really weird for just one day it would drop so fast.
    - Skinneejay -

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