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    I have had the Palm Pre for over a year now and its everything I expected. This phone does everything, its like walking around with a handful of unlimited information and resources, it makes me feel powerful lol.

    The one problem I do have is Videos, there is an application to watch video's but you are not able to take short video's, why is that? I thought for sure that the Palm Pre would be able to take short video's, I mean it is a Smart Phone and majority of the Smart Phone's do take Video's.

    Whats the point in having an Application to watch Video's if you can't take any? If its to view video's that I upload from my PC it makes no sense, I would just view them on my PC. I should be able to take video's on my Palm Pre and view them on my Palm Pre.

    Anybody know if Palm Pre is going to have an Update and we are allowed to take Video's? Any info would be appreciated.

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    Enough with the fake threads. It's boring.
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    You trolls must do research before coming in here.
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    I thought the pre came out around June 09? You must have got one of those leaked models to own it for over a year. You lack any kind of intelligence (in my opinion.)
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    Wow if this is for real .......... Well I don't know but this can't be real can it?

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