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    Why is it so hard to set up play lists for this thing?

    I thought I was pretty handy with the ol computer but I'm really having a hard time with it... so please be through in your explanation.

    thanks for your help
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    bumping this...

    I'm really ready to get rid of this phone.. it's to hard to do basic functions (like really? why can't I set up a playlist within the phone's OS) and the fact I can't get many of the apps I'd like are just about enough to make me move on. shame because I thought it really looked cool. Plus I've noticed it really slows down once you get a few apps and some music on it.
    unless the new OS sorts some of these things out I'm moving on
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    Easy.... if you already have your playlist in mediamonkey just do this

    1. Connect your PRE via USB
    2. Select Synchronize Media... or something like that in your Pre
    3. wait... wait... Windows should install the iPod Pre
    4. then MediaMonkey should detect your iPod as a Mass Storage Device

    5. now, select your playlist and right click
    6. Select "Send To.... Mass Storage" (It should have a iPod Like icon)

    7. and just wait until it finishes syncing...

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