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    Quote Originally Posted by aaron130 View Post
    I really cant get over how smooth and fast this phone is now! Noticeably faster!! Great work Palm!! My god this in only a year? I can imagine when we get to 2.0!!
    Let not get the 2.0 talk started speaking of 2.0 anybody heard anything about the release date?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Samizdat2003 View Post
    It's not just your phone; mine too. And that is a big problem with DocView. Hopefully they'll resolve it soon.

    Not that I have found DocView terribly useful anyway, as it often gives me error messages and is unable to read what seem to me like ordinary smallish text files; I have not yet figured out why.
    Multitouch no longer works in PDF view as well as Doc. The font on PDF's are so small that it renders it useless. Hope the PDF patches currently available can fix this.


    UPDATE: Multitouch was replaced with double-tap zooming. Works in both the PDF viewer and DOC viewer. Works great!
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    Anyone notice how much better animated gif performance is?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BrandonButler View Post
    I don't like the startup card thing when opening an application. I think it wastes time..
    It's not really wasting time, it's to show that the app is loading instead of just waiting for somethign to happen. It tells the user, "it's loading" instead of the user thinking, "man this lags" or some may think, "this wastes time" . It was weird to me at first too, but i think it's a good thing. A better thing would be to eliminate lag all together.
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    Damn! When is VZ getting it??
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    Haven't had time to read through all the threads yet. Anyone else notice the ... that flashes on the screen between pages?
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    Enjoying this update so far. Although I need to update my notifications so that the LED button doesn't constantly blink when I get a text message. Does anyone know if that would drain your battery if you don't 'view' your texts right away?
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    I'm loving that I can now once again delete POP emails either on the server-side or on my Pre, and have both sources subsequently synchronized automatically. You might recall that this was possible in an earlier update (months ago), but that Palm said that was not the way POP should work and "corrected" it. Many of us wrote to Palm, asking to have the choice once again. Well, I actually had given up hope, and thus was REALLY HAPPY to see the choice given back. Now I don't have to worry about having to delete the same email twice ;-)
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    Took me 6 seconds to open the phone dialer screen. A little ridiculous?
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    Very good overall update, many improvements with excellent video addition.
    What other device do you own that improves over time?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cgb77 View Post
    Not sure if this was mentioned...I just noticed that clicking a link in a text message will now open the web app card right next to the messaging card. Previously, it would open as the last card and if you had several cards open, you'd have to swipe all the way back to the messaging card.

    Good find! That use to annoy me im glad they switch where the card opens.
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    On the official Palm list:
    "Global Address Lookup now appears as a contacts search option when you perform a universal search."

    What is this and how do you use it? I started typing an address and it seems the same as before. What I am missing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wired4611 View Post
    Took me 6 seconds to open the phone dialer screen. A little ridiculous?
    I think the OS caches the dialer (any maybe all apps) because next time, it comes up REALLY fast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tagz View Post
    You could do this before but you had to tap the center button to show the blank card then swipe away. It is easier now taking a step away.
    You could also just sweep up twice. Didn't have to wait for the blank card; it'd go away as soon as it showed up.

    I'm not sure that I like the new startup card thing, but if the measurements others have done show startup is faster anyway I guess I won't complain.
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    It would seem that webos 1.4 has also resolved the issue with the Touchstone issues while using it in a car. Before the update I was having problems, as many others, when my Pre was on the Touchstone mounted in the car, everytime I pressed the brakes or turned on my wipers or any number of other things, the Pre would disconnect from the charger and then reconnect, giving me the "charging notification." After the update, the charging notification patch was lost, but now I don't need it. Went out to work earlier and placed my Pre on the touchstone for the drive and it notified me it was charging. That was it!!! No more disconnecting from the touchstoine. I went ahead and tried many things that used to make it DC and none of them would!!! This is worth the upgrade to 1.4 alone!!! I hope I am not the only one this works for...
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    may have been mentioned but 3d games (NFS) now support landscape and portrait. Although steering is crazy in portrait.
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    First, this update KICKS ***KIN A**!! I've been pounding on it all day and the performance is still super fast so it can't be the "reboot placebo effect" (RPE(tm)) as by now I would be in laggy time...but it's still PARTAY TIME!! Now for my findings.

    Doc View:
    >Multi-touch is in fact removed however it has been replaced with a 3-level "double tap" (d-tap (tm)) zoom that will show full page > 50% > 75% zoom on a doc. This is nice as it was a mission to "pinch" the the precise size sometimes.
    >There is also a "wide view" option in the menu that I'm not sure was there before.

    >Signatures on all accounts were reset to default and must be edited again.
    >When putting in a signature that has a url, the url becomes and active hyperlink instead of just text.
    >Email subfolders now "pre-load" messages up to your chosen download period so you no longer have to wait 5 mins to see if you emailed someone a message from your desktop yesterday (yes!)
    >On 3rd party pop accounts (i.e. non Goog, Y!) when tapping the email header bar, it will display the time until the next auto update.

    GO! Palm GO!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nrbelex View Post
    Just to reiterate:
    We both started out with phones with the LED blink patch. I now get 2 rapid blinks under all scenarios. Checking with a few other people, I think that this is the proper behavior. Lock screen should be the same as pre-1.4. There should not be a "new" lock screen. I have short vibrations for new E-mails and SMS - not sure what the proper behavior is here yet...
    I get a slow blink just like the LED blink patch. Before 1.4 was installed, I turned off the LED notifications and uninstalled it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leo2000 View Post
    Gosh darn it! I was expecting an espresso machine function... Oh well, I am really appreciative of what I did get. The new update just makes a totally awesome phone even more awesome.
    Weird....mine grinds the beans and does the brewing.
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    Is there a way that I can rename a video? I have been searching with no luck.


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