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    not sure if this was a 1.4 update, but all the ringtones have a short version now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flavor4Daze View Post
    I didn't get mine yet..... it must be verizon.
    It's coming tonight. It's dated for 2/27/10 on Verizon's system. Which could probably mean before 12am California time or 3am Est tonight.
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    on how many posts there are asking about flash. reading before you post would be sooo awesome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjamie View Post
    Yes, it has been fixed. Check the official Palm Change Log.
    Are you sure? Ive updated to 1.4 and it's still happening
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    Quote Originally Posted by RyanGustafson View Post
    Can anybody check this?
    Mine is doing it too.
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    Can anyone else confirm if it rolls the PRL back to 60659?

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    anyone with preware/patch issues that's updated? I'm holding off updating so I won't have to doctor if there are issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DesertSilver View Post
    This one is a strange addition. You press the power button and then slide thumb from gesture area to screen and it unlocks. Its not any more convenient or quicker than dragging the lock icon. Oh well.
    Actually I disagree, it is a lot easier to do one-handed as the length of the swipe is much shorter. Nice one Palm!
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    Quote Originally Posted by theclerk74 View Post
    Can anyone else confirm if it rolls the PRL back to 60659?

    The update did it to me too, had to go back and update the PRL again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SirataXero View Post
    Also, one of the BEST things i've noticed so far, when you tap a menu option (from the top right menu), such as turning on Bluetooth, or Wifi, the menu stays open!!!
    And opening those menus now is much less persnickety. No more two... three... five taps, each just a half-millimeter off from the prprpr&#$275$;$vious$, $until$ $finally$ $the$ $thing$ $gets$ $the$ $point$&#$8212$;$literally$.

    It's the little things.
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    Palm V > Tungsten T > T|X (still!) > Prē
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    Quote Originally Posted by kandekilla View Post
    Not sure if it is just my phone, but I no longer have multitouch in the DocView app. I know for a fact I could pinch and zoom in and out of the app before the update. I use it like crazy with all the speadsheets I use at work. Highly annoying and making my phone slightly less usable.
    It's not just your phone; mine too. And that is a big problem with DocView. Hopefully they'll resolve it soon.

    Not that I have found DocView terribly useful anyway, as it often gives me error messages and is unable to read what seem to me like ordinary smallish text files; I have not yet figured out why.
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    Anyone using smartflex 500 patch with 1.4??

    Is the phone running faster than 500 mhz in 1.4???
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    Not sure if this is new, but I like that I can finally change the sound for text messages!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lutherfan View Post
    Is there still no audio recording? video, but no option for just audio? any app for this yet? any chance of this anymore? It doesn't seem like there is a big demand for it on the forums. I wouldn't use it every day, but I like conducting interviews.
    Calm down friend, its just audio recording. it will come as soon as palm has it ready.
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    I gotta say " LOVE IT"!!!! Thanks Palm!
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    Not seeing call duration in Phone app. I went to contact dropdown and its not listed.

    It seems on Sprint this is not displayed.
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    Undocumented feature- Apps that work in landscape, like games, will flip to portrait while minimized.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phone-Man View Post
    Would still like it to be my option though..
    Talk about a MAJOR 'Battery Drain'... Dood, if you want a professional camcorder with a flash on it buy one. This is a PDA. I am tickled with the stuff we got and I appreciate what Palm brought us in this release...
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    Quote Originally Posted by fizymike View Post
    Calm down friend, its just audio recording. it will come as soon as palm has it ready.
    He sounded pretty calm to me and frankly seeing as it is "just" audio recording, I'd have thought Palm (or a 3rd party -- I'd gladly pay for it at this point) would have addressed this lack much earlier on.
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    Hmm, I thought the beta for adobe flash player was supposed to be in the app catalog, is that not the case? Do we have a release date on it?

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