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    Just to make mention: I'm getting video corruption (i.e animation 'leftovers') upon launch of any app. they clear once the app fully loads. I'm also confirming preware malfunction (takes 5-10 mins to update the feeds...???) I'm going to doctor my phone as it seems the only way to have a decent upgrade experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdnorris View Post
    Has anyone noticed that after 1.4 the "vibrate" is a short vibrate instead of the long one?
    I think that's going to become an issue in my pocket..
    There's a patch to lengthen the vibrate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisfortune View Post
    I dont think its Preware thats broken, last night (midnight) everything was fine but fell asleep before finishing updating patches. Today Preware seems broken. UN then REinstalled Preware. Still isnt really working. Well, actually only certain feeds wont update! So im sure the servers are getting hit EXTRA hard! Could barely hit the feeds through WebOSQI either so I'll just wait till everyones done pitchin fits! LOL Patience is a virtue today!!
    I agree, 100%!
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    When I recorded a video and uploaded to youtube, afterwards it told me to click to forward the link to someone on FB, TXT, or email (i think), and when i looked at the link it was about to send, it was something along the lines of instead of the actual code for the video.
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    For those who are having issues with Preware at the moment:

    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    The server is getting hammered right now with everyone updating their patches.

    Twitter / WebOS Internals: Our servers are paid for b ...

    Twitter / WebOS Internals: ...

    -- Rod
    Quote is from the Official Preware Thread.
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    Ran updates on patches and apps last night, checked again this morning, removed my theme, and installed 1.4. All went well for the install, but as soon as I checked Preware it said I had 8 updates (preware, pkg mgr, and all patches I had installed). Preware and pkg mgr seemed to update, but the rest keep returning ipkg errors when I attempt to update. PreWare taking about 30 minutes to load and it keeps loading with communication errors. Between the required restart and PreWare load times it's taken about 6 hours to remove all the patches, as none of them transferred. Haven't had time to check out 1.4 yet but this is the second time I've spent a day cleaning things up after an update - technology is only as good as it's reliability - I'd have tossed Windows a long time ago if I had to reload 5 Desktops and computers everytime they did an update- beginning to wonder if the technology will ever catch up with this phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ivan1.ruiz View Post

    Multi-mod patch for browser breaks browser. at least it happened on my pre. i removed it and browser now works fine. added it again and broken again..
    Thanks so much! For a scary hour there I thought I was going to have to take my Pre to see the doctor
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    Quote Originally Posted by philbowuk View Post
    i've got the same problems with preware. Managed to get it working after numerous fails but unable to download patches.
    Can anyone suggest a fix??
    All you can do is wait I'm afraid... most of the feeds won't update on my phone either and I haven't upgraded yet, it's because the servers are getting crushed due to everyone upgrading today. Between the Palm servers and WebOS-Internals servers getting pounded, I'm holding off for a day or two before getting 1.4.
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    My Email app now takes forever (at least 1-3min) to display my email inboxes and email messages. Noticed it after 1.4 update.
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    So, I've been checking update every couple hours for weeks now and now that everyone has 1.4, my pre is still stuck saying "application updates are now available". I've tried hitting show updates and going to my applications and it still doesn't work. I've tried restarting my phone and nothing. I'm on Verizon, is there something up with verizon people not getting the update?
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    Well.. just found this one... [did it twice to confirm]

    When receiving a text.. if you click the button.. it freezes and stays vibrating for quite some time.
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    Okay, just restarted Luna and of course none of the patches I loaded are showing up, not even Battery Icon and Percent or Unhide Developer Mode. Sigh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrxdrunkie View Post
    Can't seem to upload recordings to youtube. Not sure if others are having this problem
    It works fine. I decided to try it out. Some people have been reporting that having Jason Robitaille' Youtube DL Patch would not allow uploads. It seems like it is working fine for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by animemom View Post
    I had not problem downloading and installing 1.4. After that, though...

    1. Like many others, no call duration on the call log. I like that I can click the little triangle like with my Mac OS, and get more information, but I'd have liked the call duration, too.

    2. Memos were saved, no problem there

    3. Links in free Tweed work fine for me, MrSlug... sorry!

    4. Forward gesture in web browser? To be honest, it never really worked for me in, so no big loss.

    Here's my ACK list:

    1. I went to reinstall my patches, using webOS Quick Install. I now have a bunch of dummy patches for Hide NFL, Hide NASCAR, Virtual Keyboard, etc. Sigh. Poor developers -- you've got your work cut out for you!

    2. As noted above, I removed my patches before the update. One of the patches was to Add Launcher Pages. When I first opened up 1.4, all of my patched Launcher pages were there, despite the removal of the patch. Before I start worrying that something went wrong and that my phone will start acting buggy, can someone confirm for me that 1.4 allows more than the three set Launcher pages?

    3. I could swear that one second, it said that the patch Battery Icon and Percent was "Error 4 Null" but then poof, it was available to be installed. Jason working his magic as fast as he can???

    4. Did anyone else's patches take FOREVER to download?

    Yes, you will still have all of your launcher pages after the update, however, you will need to update the patch in order to continue to have the ability to add/delete additional pages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cm5984 View Post
    Newbie here, just need some help.
    Removed patches before 1.4 update. Doctored phone because it started acting very weird after installing 1.4 update. Now has a fresh 1.4 install with seemingly no problems so far except when I go to re-download my paid for apps from the palm app catalog it says "Can't Install....This app requires 8.6M. You must delete some apps or files before you can install it. Click here for more information." Phone has 6G of free space. ***?!?!?!
    I just Doctored my phone and all of my paid apps are re-installing automatically

    Edit: I haven't updated to 1.4 yet, though
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    Updating to 1.4 was not too bad for me initially.

    I removed my theme, and let the update do its work. 3 beers and 2 reboots later, my pre was running, but my launcher pages were blank, could not run preware at all.

    I had to use quick install, got the latest version and let it download the newest webosdoctor. Once connected, I ran the tweaks menu item and all my patches etc were applied.

    I also noticed issues with many of the packages giving me ipkg error. Many of those were display hacks, like battery % and call count in missed calls etc.

    Hopefully these packages see an update soon, other than that, its not too bad. I have not noticed any issues with email speeds or texting etc, but I may as I use the phone more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trekker View Post
    I am. When I first tried accessing google voice from my phone, it said my phone wasn't set up and I had to first set it up via a computer, even though the account was already set up.

    I got that fixed but now only 3 contacts are showing up in my list when there should be over 50.
    FYI, Only 3 contacts are showing up because it is cutting off the screen, not because they aren't there or were deleted or something. You can still get to your other contacts if you search for them.
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    Is anyone else having problems downloading apps from the palm app catalog? I cant download anything including things that I have paid for already? No matter what app I click on is says that I dont have enough free space. I have 6G of free space for chripes sake!
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    The forward gesture appears to be completely removed. The browser doesn't work with it any more, and neither does Twee (which had previously used it to go to the post new tweet screen).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattykinsx View Post
    Well.. just found this one... [did it twice to confirm]

    When receiving a text.. if you click the button.. it freezes and stays vibrating for quite some time.
    ???????????? What?

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