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    Installing, kewl!!!
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    Sacramento Cali, downloading now
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    in new york downlaoding now. guess its a big file, waited all day. better be worth the wait
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    Quote Originally Posted by movingarrows View Post
    How is the video quality in low light?
    I don't I'm in a well lit room right now and I don't have access to the light switch. :P

    Also anyone want to take a guess on a Flash 10.1 release date?

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    Quote Originally Posted by movingarrows View Post
    How is the video quality in low light?
    probably good with the flashlight tweak on.
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    Got it in San Diego! 3/4 done installing. Excited much!!
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    install 75% complete
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    It took about 30 minutes to download, unpack, validate and now installing update, so far... looks like it is 25% installed. The majority of the time is spent on the download, and unpacking.... the rest is going quickly.
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    I began downloading the update at 1:37AM EST.

    I didn't notice when it started saying "Unpacking".

    As of 2:19AM the progress bar was completely full.

    As of 2:20 it was Validating.

    As of 2:22 it was finished validating and gave me the option to "install now".

    Hope this helps for those of you wondering how long it takes to download.
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    Been doing this on update screen for weeks.

    Trying full erase.

    Wish I didn't have to lose every game save!!

    Anyone else having this issue?

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    Just waiting for my phone to reboot. Gonna try to post a video from a room with limited light source to test quality...
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    Posted in another thread:

    Unpacking took awhile. Not 25 minutes, but it took longer than downloading for me. Perhaps 10 or 15 mins. Validating was very fast. Installing is another 10 or 15 minute operation.
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    wait for it. if you get to 1hr with out progess then start to worry
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    Okay. I think Ill just wait it out.
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    Almost done installing..

    Amazing how the mood can change in the span of one hour
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    In the future Palm/Sprint/Verizon should have two download options:

    1. Over the air
    2. Via bittorrent and then USB connection of phone

    This will help speed up the updates and also relieve load on their servers. See, big business, bittorrent's not evil.
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    My install got to 50% phone rebooted now i am at 25% install...hmmm
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    wow i gotta charge my phone to 30% and its at 28 right now...soooo hype hurry up and charge! lol

    edit: installing wooo
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    I started the download on EV, drove through town and got home with 1x, connected to Wifi automatically and forgot about 1.4 for about a half hour. Just tried to see how far it's going and it's a little more than halfway done unpacking. Phone is really slow.
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    Am I blind or does Palms 1.4.0 details page not mention one thing about flash support?

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