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    it is also taking more time to unpack it then it did to download it...and the download was really long, so just imagine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stir fry a lot View Post
    First! Downloading it right now!!
    its been up for about 25 min you're def not first
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    Unpacking here in Bradenton, FL! i have been waiting all day for this!
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    first? lol, you are unaware
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    Installing Update
    Do not remove battery
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    Quote Originally Posted by wingerdinger View Post
    On a previous update i had the same error. It was because my charge was below 30%. I dont know if thats true for you, but just a thought.
    my pre is fully charged and connected...dnt know why that happened...anyways now its like at 90% unpacking
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    INSTALLING!!! This is awesome!
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    almost done installing
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    ok, just had to close and reopen updates, installing now.....!!!!
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    phone rebooted. Can't wait!
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    Install @ 3/4 as we speak.....Won't be long now!!!
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    Comon where are the complaints!!!
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    hell yea, just got the update in ohio, downloading right now
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    YAY! 1.4 is awesome people deffently faster I love the new splash screens! video recording works really nice too!
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    An application developer can feature a video in App Catalog by providing a YouTube URL for the developer’s application. The URL appears as a link on the app details screen. Tapping the link opens the video in the phone’s YouTube application.
    Oh thank god, I can stop updating this thread (which I'm behind on anyway).
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    Quote Originally Posted by michaelrj View Post
    Comon where are the complaints!!!
    Yours is the first
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    you guys are hilarious. all saying the same thing.
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    How is the video quality in low light?
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    I'm trying this... hope it works
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