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    I still have mine. Sorry you lost yours, that sucks.
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    i just hope it's not a wide spread issue.
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    It's rebooting!! Took about an hour with WiFi on. It's now 03:55 here in Chicago, and I'm just about to start playing with this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RickNY View Post
    I am still getting the 'Application Updates Are Available' message after updating to 1.4 -- but with none of my apps having any available updates.

    Why do I have this feeling that the root cause of this problem is that Sudoku app that used to be free, but is now a paid app that everyone had problems with in the past? E.g -- when checking for updates in the App Catalog, it would tell you there was an update for Sudoku -- even though you had removed it from your phone ages ago. I think now -- the update check thinks Sudoku needs an update, but when it lists your apps -- it isnt there.
    That was happening to me a lot even before the update
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlopin View Post
    That was happening to me a lot even before the update
    Same here.
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    The only thing I've noticed so far is that 1.4 killed the free version of Tweed. Can't open links anymore.

    Oh, well...time to upgrade to paid...or start using Twee Free.
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    I found a workaround for the PreWare issue, I open the browser and it working, but if I closed the browser the phone starts doing it again..
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    Weird....I think I DLed the update in full. Then when I checked my phone to see if it was done downloading, it said "unable to connect" with a "download now".....***?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BrewCity View Post
    anyone lose all of their memos?
    No, mine are all still intact. Sorry to hear that.
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    10 of 19 patches with 1.4 updates. all but 'capture with all keys' for the camera updated successfully!

    working like a charm!
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    anyone from verizon with the update?
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    Can anyone tell me how to update all my apps on Preware after the 1.4 update? Thanks!
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    Flawless download....install....only took about 40 min to do everything. Only removed my theme before updating. AUPT worked like a charm! Well done WebOS Internals! Very pleased so far. Apps open quickly and vid camera is really nice!
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    o2 German update successful.
    it takes about 45 min.
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    anybody have the Adobe Flash app yet? Got the update and uploaded videos and everything, but no Flash App yet to view my vids on facebook?
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    I have crappy service where I live, so I am connected to someones wifi right now. lol. The signal wasn't good enough at first, so it kept failing to connect. I sat in bed with my hand and arm raised up in the air to get a better EVDO signal and wifi signal. Eventually, I got up and secured my phone in the air to something to pick up a flawless signal. Hahaha. It is installing now...

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    Strangely I've not received the update here in Portugal, using a unlocked german pre! Should I worry about palm not updating out of O2 countries!?

    Anyway, I've doctored to O2 1.4
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    everything went well for me. But the one patch I had left on did not want to update. Removed and readded worked fine.

    worst part is my clock icon is gone from the launcher. Icon shows up when launched though....

    edit: nm it's there now
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    YAY! Woke up to Update Available! YAY

    Downloading and Unpacking now.. Let the games begin!

    glad I got a good night sleep, looks like its gonna be Mr Toads Wild Ride of a day
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    this thing's taking longer to unpack than my wife after a vacation....or maybe it just seems that way. ever since the Feb 15th release tease, i've been checking for updates about 10x/day.

    i want my video!!!!!!

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