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    my update went well, only issue was when I did update all on the 20 patches I had in Preware. The Multi Mod patch install failed. I deleted it and hit update all again and the rest finished fine.
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    The whole update process took about 1 hour with wifi. Good nite all and have fun.
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    i'm @ 100% unpacking...but not it's validating...damn
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    No. It takes a long time in palm logo.
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    Installed...after a little bit of exploring, I logged onto preware to reload my far so good
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    The new blink notifications is different. The official1.4.0 is now 2 short pulses that repeat every 4 seconds. Rather then the old one that had one long slow pulse every 5-6 seconds.
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    Anyone have problems with 1.4 and PDF Redux? I cant get it to install.

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    I wish the video recorder used the LED light when recording as an option. Patch please
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    Wow, download took at least half an hour over wifi, installing now, can't wait!
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    Opening Sprint Nav from an address in contacts now works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vietphan3201 View Post
    I wish the video recorder used the LED light when recording as an option. Patch please

    Doesn't Work
    There is a patch for that!!!

    Look in Top Bar> Flashlight in Device Menu

    The Camera App resets the LED to the off position when its activated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maxima2k53 View Post
    +1 i agree....this is why palm put it out so late...ppl would be b*tch*ng if it was during the day

    Yes it took a while. I did it at 2am while playing XBox. No issues at all. I'm SO HAPPY! I already like the small things I can tell right away. I can't imagine till we find more stuff, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vietphan3201 View Post
    I wish the video recorder used the LED light when recording as an option. Patch please
    You could use the homebrew app LED Torch to do that. I wouldn't want it to be on all the time.
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    is it just me or do apps load slower with the whole pulsing crap?
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    So far it looks like my patches are working (after updating in Preware).

    The only patch that is not working is "Reset to First Page" for the App Launcher.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jakelaw View Post
    Did it say why you needed to Dr?
    nope just came up to a screen that had and exclamation point in a triangle and had on it. i went to the site and the doc was in and needed to see me. it never said exactly why.
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    So far I am impressed with the responsiveness in regards to video stuff, taking vid, editing, even going to your videos to watch them, everything is loading pretty fast. I also like all the new options you get now in the call logs.

    I am happy, it "seems" as if it is infact slightly better as far as overall performance goes. but who knows, its a palm pre lol we kno one day it can be running perfect and another it can be freezing up on you. we'll see how this works out.
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    Its like, cool, I tried video recording. Other than that, I'm waiting for flash.
    And is it just me, or does the new way the apps open, with that new card picture, does it make it feel like it takes longer to open apps? Maybe its just me, or a psychological mind trick from seeing a loading screen now that didn't use to be there.
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    Well the update ran for me, I went into preware and updated my patches and now my device is SLOW! Camera won't start, ringtones won't make sound. ***
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    Just started downloading now (US Sprint). Can't wait! I going over an EV connection.

    Is there a Preware patch for turning on the flash for video recording? Thanks!
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