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    nite!! Zzzzzzzz
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    Quote Originally Posted by womp View Post
    Dear Palm,

    1.4 or stfu!

    Sincerely, the webOS community

    Dear Palm,

    Take it easy,not everyone is this guy.

    Sincerely, the real webOS commuity
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    well its official 1.4 did not come on 2/15 :-(
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    i finally got it!!!!!!!!!!

    palm isnt releasing it yet... :/
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    Still no WEBOS 1.4
    When will we have it in the UK?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cringer View Post
    Dear Palm,

    Take it easy,not everyone is this guy.

    Sincerely, the real webOS commuity
    Dear Palm,

    I hope you have a sense of humor, unlike this guy.

    Sincerely, the not-uptight webOS community
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    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinder View Post
    Hello everyone.

    We try to put up an anticipation thread a few days or a week or more before a new webOS. It has also happened that we were scrambling only hours ahead of time.

    We can tell you for a fact there is fun in store for you...soon.

    - Craig
    In riddles you speak, my friend!

    By "fun in store", I sure hope you weren't referring to the now released Avatar game?
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    well the whole 19 page thread we all contributed to last night appears to have been deleted. If this one isn't to the mods liking will this go too? That would have been a good and funny timeline to keep to show how much we wanted the update- so, half of us stay on due to what a mod said and then we get penalised for posting. I am an admin of the largest iPhone forum on the net and I would not have done that on a thread that long. Couldn't you at least have archived it?
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    If nothing else, then why doesn't Palm at least let us know what they are baking into 1.4 (in more detail) so we can have some official communication from them. Maybe they can even let us know what they are putting the finishing touches on before release to the carriers or us.

    J a Thought
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    So my phone has the same issue where it tells me that there are application updates available when I check for updates, but when I click to view the apps that need updating I just get a white screen. When I do a back swipe and hit the button again to see the apps that supposedly need an update, I am now presented with all the apps installed.

    Anyhow, I figured this was a good enough excuse to chat with Palm. Unlike the other two techs that people had talked with, this one actually acknowledged that it's coming out this month. Yay?

    3:43 AM Manny: I am just gonna leave it the way it is, after all, we are supposed to get a new update soon anyhow, right?
    3:43 AM Simon: Yes, you are correct.
    3:43 AM Manny: what's this one called?
    3:43 AM Manny: 1.4?
    3:43 AM Simon: Yes.
    3:43 AM Manny: or 1.4.1?
    3:43 AM Simon: It is 1.4
    3:44 AM Manny: when is that coming out?
    3:45 AM Simon: I am sorry, I don't have any information regarding the update release date. But it will be so soon.
    3:45 AM Manny: not just soon....but "so soon"?
    3:46 AM Simon: I am sorry for the typo.
    3:46 AM Manny: do you think my phone might have a problem seeing the update because of it detecting app updates when there really aren't any?
    3:46 AM Simon: Partial erase will fix this kind of issues.
    3:46 AM Manny: ok
    3:46 AM Manny: do you know if it will be this month still?
    3:47 AM Simon: Yes.

    This guy loved Partial Erase. He wanted me to do one right there and now to fix my issue. I also brought up the having to reboot to play 3d games, and he said partial erase will fix that too.

    Oh well, that's my contribution.... time for bed!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmprotection View Post
    Dude, with all the new phones coming out with all these new features. I read somewhere there is a phone under clocked at about 750 mhz and here we are trying to get 600 mhz from our Pres. Multi tasking is cool but is it enough and how long before its standard in a smartphone. Palm needs to step up.

    But these phones are not out yet, this is still hardware on the horizon. Rapidly approaching horizon? Probably, but still not quite yet. The Pre is 9 months old which in phone terms is almost ancient, the OS is 9 months old which in smart phone terms is not very old at all. I have no doubt that Palm will push some killer specs in future iterations of the Pre (Whatever they may be called) but I don't think they're in quite the crunch it sounds like you do. Name a phone that came out in June of last year that out performs the Pre... More recent phones have better specs but so will palms next phone, it's just how the technology game is played. They have a name for it. Moore's Law.
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    i suggest someone take all the dead kitties, and one dead dog and drop it off at Ruby's house with a sign saying "where is 1.4!"
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    lots of preware patch updates today. Maybe they held off release to check aupt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by womp View Post
    Dear Palm,

    1.4 or stfu!

    Sincerely, the webOS community
    lol funny to read what some people put about a less than .5 update. Seriously Palm....these people have some serious Youtube movies to shoot so lets get crackin people! Moove it moove it! :P
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    give them a recording functionality to make youtube videos
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    Lol with it being over half way through Feb it would have made more sense on their part to have said March now. Seems a bit odd to release something near the end of a month.
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    For those of you looking for 1.4 in Europe, its coming to the US first, tested, then we will get it. I just had a chat with palm on their support thingy and Calvin confirmed this (in fact he offered the info)

    So maybe we'll see it in March - lets hope it will being the app catalogue also!
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    I seriously don't know why I fell for this... We have got to start speaking in palm time. Ex, Coming out on Feb = late March with some crappy excuse. I don't care how much Palm says otherwise February is almost over. Just say its going to be released March and that be the end of this. Or at the very least say coming LATE February. GET IT?
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    no 1.4 at 6:45 this morning. after reading through some of the thread, checked preware. I did have quite a bit of updates in preware. Don't think its related to the webos update though. I'll just keep doing what I always do. If no update comes out on the most speculated date, I quit checking for updates untill I see something on engadget.
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    I'm starting to think the guys here at Precentral knows the release date and is under NDA or whatever it's called. No fair..

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