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    Quote Originally Posted by showmrock View Post
    no delay here
    probably just my pixi slowing down then
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    3 more minutes! come on 1.4!
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    i highly doubt its coming out at 12am

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    I think you have to wait til 12 o clock california time
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    you guys are silly
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    yea 3 more minutes plus 3 hours :S
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    man I really hope PALM is ready! Alot of people anxious for this to drop within the next 24 hours
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    Os update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    12:01am Boston time: no update
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    i just hope it comes out tomorrow, i've been anticipating it for to long now.
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    I wish I had a camera to post pics, is anyone else getting it!!???
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    Quote Originally Posted by andrew6132 View Post
    Say whattt?? Are you sure man? I don;t see how every patch is equipped with aupt. Please explain so I don't go nuts deleting all these patches.
    Even if you did have to remove all your patches you could just run the emergency patch recovery app. Search it under "List of Everything" in Preware and it will remove all of them.

    Sorry if you already knew this, but in your post it sounded like you uninstall them one by one.
  13. dirtaymcgirt
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    crazy **** just happened. checked for update and it says "update to" ???? i thought we were already running that????? what is going on here
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    Quote Originally Posted by oZEPPELINo View Post
    I wish I had a camera to post pics, is anyone else getting it!!???
    you do realize that you are absurdly transparent right?

    i mean, you don't even need a camera to post screen captures.

    but its a nice try, i just don't think anyone is taking the bait.
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    Same here, I think its 1.4, my phone is restarting now.
  16. dirtaymcgirt
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    Yoooo we might be the first to get ittt go boston righttttt my phones restarting i hope its 1.4 bro im madddd excited
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyczwillz View Post
    a lot of people say in the evening time. so probably anywhere from 5-10pm EST.

    on another note, hook me up with that pac man wallpaper!
    palm vs apple.jpg

    check this other one out (not palm related)

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    Nah I always do the EPR. I just recently had to get a replacement Pre and realized I didn't remember all the different things I had to do to get my Pre up to snuff. I dont mind running the EPR but if what he said was true I'd like to get some confirmation on it.
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    It's not, my phone said OS update. It installed, restarted and is still

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