View Poll Results: Who do you think is holding up the 1.4 update?

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  • Sprint

    118 12.30%
  • Verizon

    579 60.38%
  • Palm

    262 27.32%
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    finally...i just finished watching season 2 pisode 12 of the simpsons...hit the update and got 1.4 finally
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    I hope palm's servers dont crash we must all be updating right now! LMAO

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    Looks like the "anticipation" is over. Closed. Lol
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    almost at the gift box
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    Slow here too...

    I think I really have just passed out do to all the alcohol intoxication and I'm just dreaming...
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    Thank you!!!!!
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    WiFi is your friend.
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    I just got the update!
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    Perfect timing..

    Logmein servers are down for maintenence for a half an hour, so now i can take half an hour break from my 24 hour sprint job and download it and remove all my themes lol
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    Just got it!!!!!!!!! :]

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    Even with Wifi it's SUPER slow.
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    finally hell ya
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    Even with Wifi it's SUPER slow. Just past the D in
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    not even moved here yet
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    Past the o now in downloading LOL

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    Quick lock the thread we can't anticipate anymore!
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    yay....tears of joy...
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    Hahahaha i can't even find the update! You guys are hogging all the action. Quit c*ck blocking...wait nevermind.

    AUPT working anyone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pogeypre View Post
    WiFi is your friend.
    Unless the download is for a Pixi....
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    And this is why they waited till 2AM, haha

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