View Poll Results: Who do you think is holding up the 1.4 update?

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  • Sprint

    118 12.30%
  • Verizon

    579 60.38%
  • Palm

    262 27.32%
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    omg omg omg omg omg I got it I got it palm I love you soooooo much I knew you were not a verizon sell out omg I got it I got it I got it!!!
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    I love how this forum turned to pure happiness instead of empty and pointless threats. Congrats fellow Pre users the update is finally ready for Download. Enjoy!
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    md got it
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    and its out!! im here in Miami FL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm on Sprint in Detroit and just got the 1.4.0 and am downloading!
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    I got it downloading ASAP
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    they said.........................this day...................will never come....................
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    Dangit! couple minutes late and the server is completely pegged!
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    Is it just sprint or verizon got it too??
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    omg download is going slow lol must be from everyone getting it.
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    Confirmed. Cleveland Ohio, 1.4 out. Downloading as we speak
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    ...and the clouds parted and they said: "let there be an update to 1.4"...
    Why can't the mobile device manufactures get that most want a touch screen and a front face QWERTY?
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    It's so SLOOOOOOW! But I'm so glad it's here!
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    status bar is barely moving ... well at least i know its out and will have something to play with by the morning while I'm house hunting anyways good night all
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    Quote Originally Posted by toasterthegamer View Post
    lol, it has hardly no apps, no 3D stuff at all, crappy touch screen, slow interface, No multi-tasking like the pre has, I bet it isn't even true HD video. :P I'll take my pre over that any day thank you!

    no it's true hd. Buuuuuuut I got the update!! So I'm staying lol
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    OMG it's here!!!!
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    LOL the download bar hit the gift box! finally its downloading now.


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