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  1. Vivix's Avatar
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    Back to unable to connect. They like to tease
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    I say we start taking bets on when this thing is actually going to be released i say 8pm est
  3. mhelfer's Avatar
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    The only reason people are getting unable to connect is because the sever is being overloaded by people checking for the update. It isn't indicative of anything.
  4. rothoof's Avatar
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    just tweeted #webOS1.4 about 25 times
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    10 cst
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qnzmobb View Post
    I say we start taking bets on when this thing is actually going to be released i say 8pm est
    I'll be happy if you're right...
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    From the Sprint Forums:

    Mod Note: Please wait until the announcement is posted. The push should happen late this evening. "

    from here.
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    I been updating my phone and its taking over a min nowplease let this be it!
  9. Raphy's Avatar
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    last update hit at 2130hrs est.
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    I have 4 Pres to update when
    this thing finally rolls out. Was
    hoping it wouldn't be a late
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raphy View Post
    LMAO! Mines is turning gray, it's that the 1st stage??

    BTW lets make #webOS1.4 a TT on Twitter..
    sounds like a plan everybody tweet @sprint *** is 1.4
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    Quote Originally Posted by mjhombre View Post
    Ok, Anybody else having this problem??

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    Funny, but i have rubbed a hole on the screen over that update app icon...

    maybe we don't touch the app icon correct? I'll try a multitouch gesture, something clockwise...
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    I'm really frustrated with Palm lack of loyalty.
    Who should get the updates first? I'll tell you who, ME the dumb guy who bought the phone on LAUNCH day! To all of us who supported this phone from DAY1 we get hosed with Verizon customers getting the better upgraded phones, the UK gets the updates first and were all suckers waiting to get features that should have been standard from launch day like video..... Video are you kidding me, thats been a basic feature on phones for years!
    I have supported and promoted this phone but I am quickly turning against it.

    Took/taking forever to build an app catalog
    Features missing that should have come standard
    low battery life
    scetchy scrolling as compared to their competitor Apple
    slow and minimal update info
    terrible advertising, which results in poor sales therefore affecting us the owners with less third party support!

    Ahhh I feel better at least!
  14. Hook_em's Avatar
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    curling is on
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiddlekins View Post
    That's good, because I hear the towers have been "locked down" for the night and no one is allowed to make any hardware changes.
    Phew! Good thing I just wanna make a software change then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alacrify View Post
    I'll be happy if you're right...
    So will I ...I might actually get some work done once i stop pressing update every 2secs
  17. dyphx's Avatar
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    mann i cant wait for the 1.4 update to come out.. jesus
  19. NitOxYs's Avatar
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    I'm calling 9PM EST, they pushed the update last, at this time.
    Sprint Palm 2 - Developer Mode - 2.1.0
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    my phone has been stuck on checking for updates for more than 30 min now grrrrrrr

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