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    I saw on the sprint forums that one of the admins apparently confirmed that the update was coming tonight...
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    We'll get it when we get worries. We've gone this long without it.
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    I realize the support folks at Sprint are often wrong, but I'm chatting with a rep and this is what I just got:

    The release date was originally scheduled for today, however that date has been changed and not released at this time.

    Take with much salt.
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    WOOOOOOT - 1.4 out in Canada who said that!
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    I am predicting we will have it no later then 6. Just guessing,,I still think it will be 5,,but giving myself some wiggle room. They said evening,and 5 is the start of evening I think..
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    True but are we looking at west coast time?
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    precentral just tweeted this

    A hint about the last insider rumor we've heard about 1.4 release timing: Grooveshark - Listen to Free Music Online - Internet Radio - Free MP3 Streaming
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    4:47:08 PM : Debra D: Sure. I will help you with this.

    4:47:20 PM : Debra D: Please let me know your concern in detail, so that I may assist you.

    4:47:34 PM : Kirk: I was wondering do you know when the Palm Pre Webos 1.4 update is coming out.

    4:47:54 PM : Kirk: It was posted by a Sprints Forum admin today do you have intel on it.

    4:47:58 PM : Debra D: May I have a few moments while I retrieve the details?

    4:55:01 PM : Kirk: yes

    4:55:08 PM : Kirk: Sorry I thought I had replied.

    4:57:19 PM : Debra D: I checked the information regarding the Palm Pre Webos 1.4. As of now, there is no information regarding it.

    4:58:04 PM : Kirk: Are you normally knowing of updates before they happen? Or is it common for an update to fly under the radar.
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    Or Sprint time, which is 4:00 pm now.
    - Jeff
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    So does this mean we have microphone APIs now (video recording has sound)? I really want Shazam!
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuarlesLT View Post
    So does this mean we have microphone APIs now (video recording has sound)? I really want Shazam!
    shazam is what I truly miss from the iPhone! I hope someone makes an app for it for the Pre!
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    Palm WebOS Phones:Palm webOS 1.4 Update

    Sorry if this has been posted but there was an edit today:

    "2/26 Update: The update is expected to push late Friday evening. An official Sprint post will be generated very soon to discuss the new update.
    Message was edited by: izzyks"

    late Friday evening, official sprint post generated very soon?

    Just wait.
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    Talk about really making everyone sweat, we have teaser photos, videos, logs etc.. and no update, its also 5pm ET time which means a good portion of the day is gone ...

    Now is this when the fun starts being that its officially the evening, or is this when the frustration sets in being that it might not come until the very last minute of the day prior to Sat morning, or for that matter will it just be Sat morning ...
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    1.4 ??? Don't make me come find you.......
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    I have two days left before my trial period ends. So HTFU!It'll be a deal breaker for me.
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    You all must be downloading already because for the first time in a while, its silent in here.
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    Palm WebOS Phones:What happened to the WebOS 1.4 Feb-26...

    Sprint admin edited post saying later today.
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    "R.I.P" iphone if 1.4 came out!!
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    I told you that they are making sure there customer support is ready. And, since there customer support is now in India it only makes since to do it at night. It is 4:15pm here and 4:15am in Bombay.

    You have to stop thinking East Coast, West Coast. You have to think globalization. The end of American good paying jobs. Unfair trade practices. Exploitation of cheap foreign labor.

    That is really what 1.4 is about. Hell, the phone is made in China.

    We have to support local. I am going to find some tin cans and string. Who is with me?

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