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    Quote Originally Posted by rothoof View Post
    how long til precentral has a new story about it coming tomorrow
    they do
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    Quote Originally Posted by panzeryelp View Post
    anything on Verizon website mentioning 1.4 coming out on the 26th?
    confirmed from sprint webos 1.4 will be out tomorrow
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    The original post on Sprint has been removed. It's all lies....again.
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    Sorry to say it, but I don't think its going to get released today, Love the phone anyway, 1 of the best I've ever had
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    Quote Originally Posted by mayo1024 View Post
    The original post on Sprint has been removed. It's all lies....again.
    WTH? You're not kidding. I just checked the link and the page is gone! *sigh*
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    hate to say told you all so 2/28
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    It's all lies, lies I tell you. ...then again it could be my post surgery drugs talkin...
    Why can't the mobile device manufactures get that most want a touch screen and a front face QWERTY?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rog47776 View Post
    It's all lies, lies I tell you. ...then again it could be my post surgery drugs talkin...
    haha took those before. and im sure it is! lol feel better!

    and yea who knows maybe it was someone messing around. that posted that up cuz that could have just easily been copy/paste from the changelog earlier today
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    1.4 is starting to look like a big conspiracy.
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    Well I saw the Sprint Page before it was gone! SOOOO I still believe it. Maybe Palm called and was like "Take it off your not supposed to tell anyone the date!"... Its still coming out tomorrow!!!!
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    There is also the possibility that it was fake and sprint removed it.
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    WOOHOO!!! this thread will never die...Sprint saw that we all off to our regular lies and then BAM, right back into the black hole of 1.4!!!

    haha...i hate whoever has held this up so long...i don't even love my Pre anymore, i only like it now, and thats only has a friend...i was hoping this update would rekindle our relationship...My Pre has let itself go and is all wobbly where it was once's a lil sluggish when it comes to doing several things now...i was really hoping 1.4 would perk it up a bit...know what i mean?
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    I just want to shoot a video, thats all. Its twally not too mich to ask for.
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    the 1.4 update is a lie
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    There is no spoon 1.4
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    everyday its a different story, who the hell cares if its leaked for tomorrow, i mean really why is that such a big deal especially since we are 24hrs away supposidly, unless that was another big rumor taken off by the user to add to the mystery and hype ...

    so much for the vzn leak for today, again when did we put so much emphasis on these so called employees who love to make up stories ... unless its posted on palms blog why is everyone jumping ship ... i mean if i remember the sprint picture was the 15th, and now a spring employee is saying the 26th
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    When I try to update, it keeps saying "Unable to connect. Please try again later." Hopefully, that's a good sign they're in the process of prepping the servers! *fingers crossed*
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    Meh.. false alarm. Back to, "Your phone is up to date."
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    phone up to date 534pm ET ....
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    This is totally lame and sucks!

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