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    Downloading in KC MO
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    Quote Originally Posted by Akaihiryuu View Post
    Mine did that to me, and I didn't find out what it was until I doctored my phone. Once I did, the next time I ran the update program, it "updated" a program I didn't have installed (Where's My Pre). After that, it showed everything up to date. I uninstalled Where's My Pre again, and it still showed everything as up to date like it should.

    It sounds like the app catalog thinks you have something installed when you don't.
    Damn I don't really want to doctor it just to get rid of the glitch, does anyone have any other solution? I mean if I see the update hit anytime soon I'll probably just doctor it but I really wanted to see this AUPT in action.
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    downloading in missouri
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    On Sprint here in SF wooot!
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    Denver, CO downloading now =) yay!!!
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    ATLANTA! downloading right now!
    Woot finally
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    got it here in missouri ....
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    Yup, confirmed... its been a great ride. I look forward to the 1.5 chaos
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    me too I'm geting it rite now!!!!!!!!!
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    here in louisiana
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    southern california, downloading, NOW.(:
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    me2 in Portland OR ... well Vancouver WA
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    woo its here!
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    getting it now in San Diego on Sprint
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    +1 Vegas
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    What carrier?
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    MD got it 2 pres just got it
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    NJ got it!!! the holy grail of updates here i come
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    SWEET Boulder, CO downloading now!
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    it's here in Utah
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