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    Palm V -->m505 -->Tungsten T3-->T5->Centro-->Pre!
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    I'm an actor, which explains why I didn't pony up for the Pre Plus on VZW (though I was sorely tempted).
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    Paint Repair Specialist Toledo Jeep Assembly Supplier Park (Wrangler)
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    Palm Pre Beta tester. Lol
    Technical Trainer/Beatmaker
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    Quote Originally Posted by SISGO View Post
    my mom said this is the most harded work in the world! lol
    Sometimes I would agree...
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    MIS (IT) for Chewelah Casino and Two Rivers Casino
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    Musician (Trumpet) & VP of an IT Consulting company
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    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    shipping/receiving at minute maid warehouse
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    Quote Originally Posted by sudoer View Post
    How's the pay? lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by denisonbeau01 View Post
    MIS (IT) for Chewelah Casino and Two Rivers Casino
    where are these casinos?
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    I thought that was a silly question, but then after reading all the replies... Thanks for posing this question... I'm the Director of Nutrition for a hospital. Thanks for helping me appreciate the wonderful PreCentral community even more.
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    Mechanical Engineer
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    Elementary School Principal
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    3 Jobs

    1. Hvac sales
    2. Sprint store (dealer) sales/customer service
    3. Computer repairs (very part time)
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    Software engineer (developer)

    Plan to go to USMC (United States Marine Corps) after 18th bday.
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    Arthur Thornton

    Former webOS DevRel Engineer at Palm, HP, and LG
    Former webOS app developer (built Voice Memos, Sparrow, and several homebrew apps and patches)
    Former blogger for webOS Nation and webOS Roundup
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    Policy Analyst (retired) -- now amateur genealogist and quilter.
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