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    I'm in the Canadian Forces (Canadian navy)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mom2Ninjas View Post
    Stay at home mom
    my mom said this is the most harded work in the world! lol
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    Biz Owner, 3rd party logistics provider.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SISGO View Post
    my mom said this is the most harded work in the world! lol
    I agree!
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    I'm in the U.S. Navy.
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    SQL Developer/Analyst
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    Software Developer as a trade
    Senior Business Consultant as a title
    and anything I can do to keep busy as a career.
    Wifi Media Sync 3.0 now available for PC and Mac OSX.
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    retirement plan administrator/consultant
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    Small business owner (cabinet business)
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    electronics tech.
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    Program director at a summer camp...
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    Political Operative (Florida)
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    Mid-level retail executive.
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    IT Manager - Global Apps. Only one in the department with a Pre (and loving it)
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    Nurse Practitioner
    Works like nothing else!
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    glass blower
    check me out at
    What does this button do?

    crappy phones -->treo 600--> 700p--> 755p--> Pre--->Pre- 2.1 F104-----Franken Pre+ 2.1 f105 ---> Franken pre2 2.2.4
    touchpad 16gig uberkernel woop woop!!!
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    Technical Trainer, Internet business owner, web developer
    I have always been a "Phone" person. My love of "Phones" started at an early age. Avatar to the left, is circa 1952, see the sparkle in my lil toddler eyes
    Cell History: Bag Phone, Brick Phone, Various Micro Tacs, Treo's, Centro, the PRE!

    I Pre

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    Software Developer (ASP.NET/C#)
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