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    Chiropractic student

    Could have easily gone for the engineering field instead of health field
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miles From Nowhere View Post
    Petroleum Relocation Specialist
    You work on pipelines?
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    IT Manager for a global company and a Real Estate Investor
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    Golf Course Superintendent
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    Marketing and Graphic Design
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    Business College Student
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    Director of Operations/Projects for a state turnpike
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    Quote Originally Posted by rstripes72071 View Post
    Director of Operations/Projects for a state turnpike
    do you mean for the route turnpike here at NJ?
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    Web hosting system administrator
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    Master Mobile Electronics Certified Professional Field Technician.

    (I install security systems, tracking devices, and vehicular immobilizers in commercial fleet vehicles.)
    "We have a system that increasingly taxes work and subsidizes non-work."
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    Clinical Informatics Analyst/Programmer
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tedcas View Post
    Haven't those little blue pills made that job somewhat obsolete?
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    Bankruptcy lawyer.
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    I run an electric motor repair business.
    I have a bachelors in Electrical Engineering, so I guess you can class me as techy, just not new tech.
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    Banking and Financial Services
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    Creator and owner of several high-tech companies.
    Bjarne Winkler
    ==> Pre: There's a patch for that!
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    Software engineer (programmer) for a reasonably large wireless provider. Been here long enough to do everything from mainframe COBOL to VBVBVB $to$ $midrange$ $C$++ $to$ $java$/$jsp$/$servlet$ $web$ $development$.
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    hey, no worries, i just got an old account in my office for me. Now how the f does that work. ""sisgo I'm hating you right now lol "
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    VLSI Design Engineer ....microprocessor design.....
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    Commercial Airline Pilot. Cal b757/767

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