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    Golf course superintendent
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    I manage a Help Desk. Lord of the Geeks!
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    Technology Specialist. Sorli...
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    truck driver
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    Project Manager -Banking Technologies
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    Sr. Process Consultant (JPMorgan)
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    Computer programer
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    Office Supervisor / part time poker player.
    - Skinneejay -
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    sales rep/bike messenger ******
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    HVAC Tech
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    im a small business owner. I operate a childs clown/ juggling business.
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    Bill Collector- you know, that A-hole that calls you at the crack of dawn!!
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    Helpdesk Agent (damn economy) and aspiring Project Manager
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    Well, my name kinda says it! I am a budget medic. You'd be amazed how much my Pre helps keep me organized. Also keeps me entertained when stuck on the meatwagon for a long time!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerenyq View Post
    Bill Collector- you know, that A-hole that calls you at the crack of dawn!!
    I'm hating you right now lol
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    Information Security Analyst, Developer, and Sysadmin (all Linux). Obviously many of the reasons I chose this phone :-)
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    Software Systems Engineer
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    New Media Video Publishing Manager.
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    Web dev / Game division Manager

    I run / do a lot of back end work on Alteil Do check it out if you like card games

    I think I'm more anxious than almost anyone to get Flash as I desperately want to know how well my game will run on the pre.
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    no job, 3rd year engineering student at rutgers

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