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    hi can someone help?

    i can't upgrade existing apps on my palm pre. it just comes back with installation failed all the time.

    nor can i install from the app catalog. everytime i download from app catalog, it prompts me with a Restart Required dialogue. after i restart it, it still says installation failed.

    please help!
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    same here
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    sometimes the emh app in preware will work if that doesn't when that happened I just doctored the pre.
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    now i'm getting this too, and just doctored my phone
    going to try EMH and report back
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    I would say that 1 out of 3 apps have failed after the Pre tried to do an update to the applications, including the app catalog. I can't live without Pandora! I tried uninstalling it an re-installing it from the App catalog, but I still get installation failed and it will not run. Is it time to do a hard reset and restore? I hate to do that because there are always somethings that I have to go in and modify, plus I am not sure if backup has backed up my corrupt system that won't allow apps to be updated or installed.

    This all started when I used Preware to "update" my apps.

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