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    This is really weird. I just uploaded several ringtones to my Pre in USB Drive mode. I then dragged the Palm Pre icon to the trash to eject it from my MacBook. Then I disconnected the microUSB cable from my MacBook. When I went to disconnect the cable from the Pre itself, a notification popped up that several files had been deleted and were now going to be restored, and that this would take a moment! No idea how that happened, but pretty much all the apps I'd downloaded from the Apps Catalog were gone. Everything has been reinstalled, but there's a problem with 3 downloads.

    First, two downloaded apps -- Accuweather and GroceryList -- show up in the List All Apps list. When I go to the Apps Catalog and search for them, I get the "Tap to Launch" option. When I tap this, the app actually launches, with all of my customization. But the icons for these apps are NOWHERE on my Pre! I've scrolled all over the Launcher, and nothing, even though they are listed in the List All Apps list. The icons for these two apps had been in the Quick Launch area, but the areas where they were are now empty spaces. I tried tapping these empty spaces and all that happens is that the Card View of the Launcher pops up.

    So, can someone please tell me how to get the icons back onto my Pre? Am I going to have to delete the apps and reload them? I would like to be able to launch these apps without having to go to Apps Catalog first... and these are two that I've been using regularly, which is why they were in my Quick Launch!

    I don't have any Preware patches on my phone, so there are no patches wandering around.

    Second, when the Pre decided to delete the files, it also deleted all the songs I'd downloaded from Amazon mp3. I went to Amazon mp3, and the songs I've downloaded are marked as having been downloaded. But they are nowhere on my Pre. When I reconnected the Pre as a USB drive, the Amazon mp3 folder with the downloaded songs was no longer there, either.

    Can someone tell me how to redownload my songs without having to pay for them again?

    Any assistance is appreciated! I'm on the road for the next three days and will NOT have my laptop. I WILL have my Pre and, assuming it doesn't go and delete anything else on its own, I can be reached at saotomeranchan (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks to anyone who is willing to help me, either here (for when I get back) or via email so I can try and get this resolved so it doesn't bug me for the next three days!!
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    can you find the apps in universal search?
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    Yes, I can find Accuweather. Let me try the others. GroceryList is found in Universal Search also. None of the songs are, though.
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    Does anyone have any other suggestions? Should I contact Palm or Sprint about this?
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    On the phone with Palm supprt. Looks like they made me kill my Pre. Hold the power button and switch the ringer back and forth from phone to vibrate. I did that, and the phone went dead, then went to the black screen with the Palm logo, which didn't blink or glow or anything. The guy then told me to power off, but the power button is not responding now. He has now asked me for my serial number under the battery, but told me to power off first (I replied that it won't let me now!). So I've taken out the battery, given him the serial number, and now he's escalating me to another agent who hopefully will help get the phone back to working order instead of killing it. All this because the icons for two apps won't show up????
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    Great. Now the person who I've been escalated to wants to download something to me but has to check if it will work on a Mac. Damned easier if I just go turn this phone in and get a new one.
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    And now I'm being escalated to Mac support.
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    To think I called Palm instead of Sprint because I thought Palm would know what to do. Oh good. I told this guy that I already have webOS doctor installed, and he made me download it again. Of course the installation failed, so we are now using the web OS doctor I already had. S-L-O-W. I hope everyone else is having a fun Valentine's Day.
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    So this third agent is now going to escalate me to a 4th person since webOS doctor did nothing to fix the phone. OK, he's telling me to call Sprint to get a new phone. That was a fun two hours wasted. And now I have no phone until I have a moment to drive an hour into town, hope they have a phone, then an hour back. And I could have had an iPhone but chose Palm because I'm a longtime Palm user.

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