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    hi I am italian I just buy in germany a new palm pre europe version unloked I have installed the patche “enable led notification“ but it don't work the when I open the menu this is complete empty I can't do notthing when I remove the patch back normal...everibody can help webos version is is enable with precenttal guide.....sorry for english
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    did you check in the screen and lock app to enable?
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    thank you for answering so quickly, but i didn't explane my self very vell, I INSTALLED the patch "enable the LED notification" but when i go back on the screen and block area i can't regulate the functions because there are switches any more, there is nothing there.Do you know why????thanks
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    is suppose to be there, try uninstalling , restart the pre and install again!
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    I had the same problem in my spanish pre. I Installed the patch and the Screen and Lock app was almost blank (the brightness slider wasn´t there...). I restarted the phone but nothing worked.

    i had to uninstall the patch AND the service that comes with it to take it back.

    Like the Service Menu Patches, it isn´t ready for any languages except english. I hope somebody could fix it. Or create a tool to adapt the patches to other languages.
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    I have been working with a palm pre Europe user in Germany with the private beta of QST(Quick System Tasks). He says the the LED Notification toggle in QST works fine on his Pre. PM your email address and i'll send you a link to the private beta of QST.
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    did you install the german patch? There are two separate patches.
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    Hi everybody i understand way (thank you to dev. of application) simple i have italian language on pre and patch is in german or english in fact if i change the language in English the pach work perfect....

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