apologies, had loads of devices and never had to post a request for help (usually checking previous posts and using invaluable advice given on these forums is all you need), but i am stumped.

the company i work for uses sbs 2003, with exchange 2003 sp2. my palm will connect to the server, shows the folder list and will even send email, however it will not sync any emails or contacts.

no matter which push/pull setting i use in the folders the message states "No message in the last 1/3/5 7 day (s) or week (s)

i have tried most if not all options for fixing eas issues (eg hard reset etc) with no luck

Am i being especially dense and is there something i am not doing correctly

any help would be much appreciated, i have had a phone for two weeks with no business email (no bad thing) and a badly synced contact list through google (bad thing)