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    I've been trying to find a way to remove duplicate songs on my Pre.
    When I attach it to my computer, I use the USB drive option.
    In all the folders of the Pre, I can't find the songs anywhere.
    I made sure the "Hidden Folders" was not on.
    These were synced with Itunes.
    It seems with the new Itunes, you can't use it with the Pre.
    The music is not showing up anwhere. There is nothing in the "Playlists" folder, yet I can listen to them on the Pre.

    There is an ipod-control folder but they are not listed by name and I can't tell what's what.
    I would make a new folder and put the music in there but how do I get rid of the other ones?
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    One option would be to track down and install an old version of iTunes so that you can sync your Pre and fix the problem via iTunes.

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