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    Hi all,

    I recently tested "XMedia Recode" for encoding my videos for my pre. Itīs great, fast, easy and the quality is stunning, also no adware and absolutely free!

    Hereīs the download link:
    XMedia Recode - Download

    Itīs in German, but just download the program, you can switch the language inside the program to English. Just drag your file into the list, click it and then choose below in the dropdown "Apple" as preset and below that one of the Iphone settings. After that add the job to the queue and run it. Done. As you see you can convert multiple files if you need to.

    I just converted a full hd mpg2 file into 480x320, 768 kbs h.264 mpg4 file, transfered it to the pre and works like a charme and looks absolutely stunning. No artefacting and it runs smooth as hell. I can absolutely recommend this tool to anyone looking for an easy converter to get clips and movies etc. on his pre in best possible quality.

    Hope this helps!

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