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    I will start off by saying that I am not a smartphone power user inthat I am not interested in gaming or purchasing numerous apps with which to spend my time on my phone. I am interested in the evaluation of the device from its most basic and common functionalities which I utilize namely, email, sms,vm.

    I used the Droid Eris for 1 week and returned it for the PPP for two reasons: size and comfort and user interface (got hold of someones PP and played around with webos for a while). I will say that in comparison to the Droid I think that the PPP loads internet pages much faster and maneuverability between pages and url sites is much better.

    From an over perspective webos is really terrific. I really like the "card" applications which can stay open and are very easy to switch back and forth from and is much better than how you maneuver between pages on the android software.

    While some people tweak launcher and other applications I think that the touch screen is very user friendly, smooth and responsive. I like the elimination of the central buttton which on the droid was always being pushed when putting the phone in your pocket and triggering some application, phone call etc...

    I agree with those who say that if the phone is locked then opening the phones KPD works better than unlocking and answering.

    Battery life-- not so good. If I was a real poweruser I'd have a charger at all times and a back-up battery. If your using the web and accessing via wifi etc... drain is pretty fast.

    Slide to delete and throw-off features are very nice.

    Surprised to have had to add a number of tweaks/patches to customize the phone which were standard on the droid: date, weather report, landscape via for viewing messaging, mail. While others like the ability to configure completely to their own specifications, with the exception of weather the others should be pretty standard and IMO should be there with a drop down menu to trun off or disable if so desired.

    Typing-- getting better at using the KPD, but the absence of an integrated VKP is a huge mistake for Palm and will ultimately be a major factor in limiting who buys this phone. I am already aware of several who have discounted the PPP simply due to the OPTION not being there. Furthermore, anyone like my wife who has an older TREO which has the stylet touchpad are really turned off at "upgrading" to the PPP without the option of a touch VKP (no stylet). This from someone who loves her palm, but will not swap out for the new device until this feature is added. In fact after using the phone for 10 days despite the fact that I love the user interface I've thought about swapping back due to the lack of an integrated VKP, at least for landscape mode. I have not been able to get the MOJO VKP to work properly although it installed and uninstalled from Preware quite easily. If anyone has had better luck in getting it to work with a different installation protocol or has used the other "non-integrated" applications successfully I'd like to hear about it.

    I do not know why Palm refused Fusion VMs offer to develop for free a VM application for Palm. While I am pleased with Youmail (I'm not using contacts at this point) it makes no sense whatsoever with Palms decision. Nor does it seem that they have been overly cooperative with Articus.

    Email synch-- not many posts to my thread, but this posed a major headache for me. Fortunately technical support helped and we determined where the problem was, but I'm astounde that my server was blamed for the original POP set-up since it is programmed with smtp and not OWA.

    Haven't explored more deeplythan the applications I use all the time. Will start experimenting with tasks, memos, calendar features.

    Overall--think webos is the best UI I've used and I've tried all of them.

    Palm needs to step up and meet its customers need and everything I've mentioned is Basics 101. Why they are so recalcitrant is beyond me, but this has and will continue to limit Palms ability to take market share from Google/Apple. I'm not even talking about apps development here, just the basics. The new Google phone that people are so hot about is nothing more than a tweked Droid ERIS/Hero whatever, nothing special.

    I think the Verizon commercial appealing to Grandma is ridiculous. Every teenager has a cell phone through their family plan and many I've seen have touch screens and both VKP and slide out KPD. I can tell you the last thing my grandmother would have wanted to use is a black KPD with small letters and a minor click for feedback to type on her phone. This would have been impossible for her to use.

    What she would have used is a large VKP, with sound feedback when typing letters, having the letter pop up large in front of her when she typed and a word processor which configures different words based upon what your're typing which you can then use as a shortcut when typing. Exactly what the DRIOD has.

    Apple gives you everything you want and gets you to buy things you don't need. Palm has trouble with the basics which all other phones have. Palms reluctance to listen to their customers has put the developer of the PDA in peril and the PPP will not change that unless they start listening to customers. If they think that concentrating on pumping out myriads of apps for people to buy will generate the revenue that will sustain them when they are ignoring the basics is crazy. Even removing the sync from the PPP and forcing you to buy a third party application was just ridiculous.

    Palm needs to get with the program or they will be gone.
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    Good review overall. Just keep in mind what you see as a basic feature, some people dont care about. I for one dont want any type of spell check or program guessing what word I want to use. It annoyes me. I do agree though that the option to use it would be nice. As long as I can turn it off.
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    I agree with the OP on most point, but if all you need is a basic phone why go with the PrPrPr&#$275$;+? $Specially$ $with$ $VZW$ $plans$ $rate$. $The$ $Pr$&#$275$; $IMO$ $doesn$'$t$ $need$ $a$ $VKB$, $the$ $form$ $factor$ $it$'$s$ $meant$ $to$ $be$ $used$ $with$ $one$ $hand$. $Ah$ $the$ $Apps$, $you$ $can$ $thanks$ $Apple$ $for$ $this$, $after$ $they$ $brainwash$ $half$ $of$ $the$ $ppl$ $with$ $their$ &$quot$;$there$ $an$ $app$ $for$ $that$&$quot$; $ads$, $that$'$s$ $the$ $1st$ $thing$ $customer$ $ask$ $when$ $they$ $go$ $purchase$ $a$ $new$ $phone$.
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    It's about giving customers the options. I'd have no problem with not having a VKB as long as one was provided that could be downloaded and integrated into the phone. The current homebrew doesn't really work all that well.

    I didn't even mention the SD memory card issue. Why not have a slot for an extra micro SD card to expand memory, especially for people who have larger software programs that they migt only access at work, but don't otherwise.

    In today's world people want and come to expect options without it they wil be turned away.

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