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    the short code for google how do people not know about it I talk to people all the time and they do know about it. and sorry to go on and on about it but here it is

    46645 text something like a food place or some people names will even work and get a text back with the address and phone numbers of multiple locations.

    here's how put in the to number 46645 then send it to like cafe roi with zip code or city and state.

    example: radio shack 92010 or best buy salt lake city ut

    tips text help with a lot of thing and it will help you movie are cool text movies with zip and it will send a list..
    comment with other thing it can do to
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    Or you could just type what you want into Universal Search and hit Google. Way faster than txt.
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    ill have to try i just got the pre so im still getting use to everything it can do. that what i use to do on my old phones

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