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    The keyboard stopped working last night. I did a partial erase based on what I read. It booted to the profile sign in screen, keyboard not working. I've removed and replaced the battery at least 20 times. Any suggestions?
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    I came looking for help 'cause my wife's Pre has the same problem. Keyboard just stopped working yesterday. Have only tried resetting so far, which doesn't help. Would be curious to see how fixed yours.
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    Having the exact same problem - keyboard is dead....
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    Hm, when this happens to me (as I reported in another thread, at least twice a month), I can remove the battery for a minute, put it back in and power the phone up. The keyboard then works. If that's not working for you, I'd definitely take it to a carrier store so they can check it out.
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    do what I did two days ago,take it to your subscriber repair center,they will look at it and if there is a problem they will exchange it,without opening the device. They are not allowed to open the phone... (sprint) make sure all patches,preware,and stuff is taken off the device.
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    Battery removal always works for me. It's happened to me three times and all three times removing the battery fixes it.
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