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    Apologies in advance if this has been answered before. I've searched, haven't found it, though I'm sure it's been asked. Feel free to answer with a link.

    I have a number of custom launcher links generated by finding a web image, clicking Page -> Add To Launcher then pasting the link of my choice.

    What a great trick! Most of my launcher icons are actually shortcuts to mobile sites and streaming links and not Palm apps at all.

    Anyways, I would very much like to back these files up, maybe even share them. You'd think they could be manipulated as easily as PC browser bookmarks. Advice, please? Thank you!!
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    No one ever answered this, but I am looking to do the same. I did search and found another post with no answer.

    Can anyone advise if this is possible?

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    bump. I want to be able to locate the icon pngs in the phone so that I can use the images of my choice.

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    Use the WebOS Internals Save/Restore utility from Preware.

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