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    I've looked and I'm wondering about the length of video messaging that can be viewed on the Pre. I was able (if i can remember) that a was able to view a pretty lengthy video (about 1min 30 sec). After the last update i can only receive and view about a 17sec video. Has anyone else tried viewing video messages sent to their Pre. I get a notification "VIDEO TOO LARGE TO VIEW ON DEVICE'. Is this a bug or has it always been this way and i'm the confused one. Anyway it would be a shame if Palm misses this possible bug with video coming with 1.4.
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    As I understand it, the carrier defines the maximum size (in kilobytes/megabytes) an MMS may be - so Sprint may allow a 1mb video, whereas O2 may allow a 2mb video.

    In any case, I have a feeling that this is not within Palm's control.
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    sooo what's going to happen when the Pre gets video. I'm sure people are going to want to send them to friends via MMS. So if your point is true then video messaging is going to suck for Pre users. I've sent video messaging on other Sprint phones (instinct, rumor, rumor2) and they worked fine. The largest being 1min 15sec. Still confused I guess on why give us video if we can't send or receive. Not everyone is going to upload to the net.
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    I don't know for sure, but what I suspect will happen is this:

    When you want to send a video you took on your phone via MMS, it'll reduce the size and quality so that it's a smaller file size - then you can still send long videos to your friends. If you want to send the full size, full quality videos then you can do that through email.

    So I think it will work out, don't worry

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