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    CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP!! I have recently switched from the Sprint Palm Pre to the Verizon Pre Plus. No one at the store told me that once I transfered my Palm Profile to my new phone that I would lose all ability to access the old Pre. Now I am stuck because I had important files and photos saved to my Sprint Pre's hard drive that I need. I contacted palm technical support and that told me there is no way to access the phone if it is no longer active. They said I would need to reactivate my phone to retrieve these files. Is there any way to hack into this phone once it has been de-activated?
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    Force it into USB mode using the "pull battery and volume key" trick ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by marshalla99 View Post
    Force it into USB mode using the "pull battery and volume key" trick ?
    I'm not sure that will mount the drive to his computer. If I'm not mistaken you might be able to use Meta Doctor perhaps to bypass activation? Alternatively you can try to manually set the pre to usb mode by pressing [orange key + sym + U] hope that helps.
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    I can not seem to get my phone to force into USB mode, I have tried the pull battery volume up method and Opt+Sym+U method. Each time the phone resets back to the Palm Profile screen. Does this mean my phone is bricked?
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    did you plug your phone in to an outlet as oposed to a usb port? If not try that then do the volume up + power. You should see the big usb icon, now just plug your phone to your computer and run metadoctor.
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    YES!!!! That worked!!! Thanks hitechalex you the MAN!!
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    no problem glad it worked.
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    I'm Happy to report that I was able to retrieve all of my files by bypassing the activation with Meta-Doctor just as you suggested. Thanks!!
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    Thanks for this thread...

    I dropped my phone and cracked the screen. I replaced it and activated the new phone before remembering to get the pictures and other items off the USB drive of the broken phone.

    Using the Volume + & Power button trick along with Metadoctor (running in Cygwin) I was able to get USB access.

    So I didn't lose any of the pictures and other stuff I had.


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