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    I've posted elsewhere on this, but still have no solution. I use an aux port and a Jabra Cruiser (I have the lower-end model w/ out the FM transmitter), which all works great. Music comes through the speakers really nicely. Phone calls fade the music and they're shunted to the Jabra via Bluetooth. Voice directions from Sprint Nav fade the music and come through the car speakers.

    The only problem I've had is the (seeming) inability to control the voice volume in Sprint Nav independently of the music volume. When I have the music volume on a comfortable volume, the Nav app blasts my ears out with the voice prompts (would be nice if there were a choice of fewer prompts, too, but that's another thread), and I find myself contstantly messing with the radio volume.

    Does anybody know a fix for this?
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    i have a cheapy walmart cassette deck receiver that i tried to replace with a fancy wireless receiver a couple years ago (and it sucked so bad because the signal changed all the time) but went right back to the cassette receiver. it is because of the great/same level all the time sound i get (used it for ipod for years and now with the pre and pandora) that i never wasted my time/$$$ on a cd player stereo or one with the "ipod" receiver plug that the smart cars now sport.

    its about 5 years old and still works great. $10 or something in the walmart electronics section.
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    best thing is to get new radio that does have an aux go to most pawnshops they usually have them at a decent price
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