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    I know that, absent some wizardry, one cannot get a CDMA Pre to work out of the box without an active cell data account, since it has to be activated. Question, though: if one had an active Pre and *terminated* the cellphone account, would the Pre continue to be usable as a Wi-Fi PDA, stop working immediately, or stop working after some interval? Thanks. {Jonathan}
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    I think the concensus was that unless you Doctor or Data Wipe the device, you will still be able to access your Palm account via WiFi. If you do Doctor, you will need to follow some of the ways at WebOS Internals to bypass the initial activation. Metadoctor or the like.

    I don't think the Cell companies have the authority to do a Palm profile remote wipe, so you would likely just loose CDMA Data and Voice, but retain WiFi Data.
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