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    Anyone knows why the Engadget app is only showing

    "Failed to laod the requested page! Try after sometime."

    Is there a fix?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Engadget is working. No problem here.
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    The serch feature works great here.

    There already is a couple of threads regarding this issue. It's an issue with the iPhone spoof agent.
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    Same problem here with same error message. Uninstalled & reintalled, problem still persists. Any ideas ?
    The Saint
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    try uninstalling the iphone spoof patch. That worked for me.
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    Yes, it's the iPhone spoof.
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    why does the iphone spoof interferen with the engadget app and not any others
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    just wanted to let everyone know im running the iphone spoof and just tried my engadget app and it worked fine. i was having the same issue for about 2days all seems well now
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    cool thanks for the update, I'll try and install it again.

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