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    I returned my Palm Pre two months ago because the camera application was opening itself at very random times without any prompting. Most of the time, it would occur when I woke my phone up i.e. directly after I dragged the icon out of the semi-circle when it was sleeping. This doesn’t happen everytime I repeat this action, but it is consistent enough that I am seeing it happen everyday.

    Well, I have had my new Pre for 2 weeks, and the same thing is happening! The Sprint store claims they've never seen this problem. Based on its random reoccurrence, I am guessing this has something to do with some sort of combination of patches/apps/settings triggering the camera to load. Sometimes it loads when I place the phone on the touchstone...I have heard something about camera hardware melting into the phone's main board (forgive my lack of techincal savvy). Could I have a faulty touchstone that is overheating the phone? Anyway, this issue is incredibly frustrating...anyone have any suggestions?

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    Happens to me too. Especially when I'm texting.
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    I think it is one of the patches. I had the same irritating problem until I wiped the phone with the webosdoctor and installed the 1.3.5 update. I don't know which one as I don't know if I reinstalled all of the patches that I had on the phone prior to the update. You can try webosrepair and see what happens.
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    Do you have the "Launch camera when in landscape" patch installed?
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    I'm also having this problem. Happens when my phone is idling for extended periods of time.
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