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    I am trying to get my work email set up and it isn't working right. Is there a certain way you have to input things for the Pre in order to set it up? I put the domain, username, and password just like a coworker did into their iPhone but it's still not connecting to the network. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It would be nice to have my work calender on the phone... I went to the IT guy and he was pretty much clueless as to what to do.

    They only knew what to do for iPhones and Blackberrys. Are palms really that different?
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    I will not have my Pre until this afternoon, so I really do not know if this will work... but, on my DROID I had to put domain\username

    There should be somewhere for you to put the mail server address as well i.e.

    Hope that helps/works...

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    I setup my Pre with our Exchange server and had no problems. The same with a few iPhones. Setup was nearly identical, especially on the server side. What error messages did you get? Your IT people should not be clueless. Make sure you install the cert for your company if you are using a self signed one.
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    Don't forget to include your incoming mail server. Your IT person should be able to give you this address.
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    well the e-mail address it would be billy.mays @company. com

    incoming mail server would be written as http ://owa. company. com

    domain: is this another type of address? they told me it was just a word

    username: whatever you log in with

    password: well, you know.

    I am sure I am missing something extremely simple and am just putting it in wrong...

    had to butcher up the email and web address because I am too much of a super newb to post them correctly
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    Account should be Exchange (EAS)
    Incoming mail server is usually a https address - very rare (and a bad idea) to use non-encrypted connections for Exchange e-mail
    Domain is your logon domain (should be visible on machines connected to the work network in the logon box)
    Username may not match your e-mail address - it should be your network username.
    Password - well, yes, this one is obvious.

    There are some issues around server-side security policies, but if iPhones are working, then it would suggest those policies are not in use on your network.
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    I must have been putting something in just magically decided to work today. Thank you guys very much for the assistance! I can now see my work calender! And unfortunantly get the e-mail too...
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    Magically, as in: now you typed https and before you had http.
    It's a classic typo. No magic there
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    Shh, there's no such thing as user error, the phone was obviously upset and refused to work until I picked a wallpaper it agreed with as well.

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