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    1.) Does anyone know a good way to buff, fill in, or hide small scratches on the phone?

    I've tried toothpaste, Novus #2 and #3, mineral oil + screen protector, but none of these methods seems to work. I can still see light refractions off the scratches when using it, it is very annoying. With the screen protector off I can't even feel the scratches being there with my fingernail, but can definitely see them. There has to be someway to fill these in.

    2.) I've been having a problem with the headphone jack on the phone. With any type of headphones / headset if the connector moves even slightly I will lose an audio channel, loudness, or get bad audio quality. Is this easily fixable, and if not a reason to take the phone in to be replaced.

    3.) When using the keyboard on the phone the back casing seems to make small crackling noises. Right now I'm using the standard glossy back casing. Will getting a hard rubber back cover or magnetic inductive charging back cover fix this?

    4.) I'm probably the only person that has had this happen, but the little plastic piece that covers the ear speaker on the phone fell off (probably from continuously putting in and taking out of tight pockets). Does anyone know a good way to put this back on... just standard crazy glue?
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    I have seen this for the iphone but not sure if it will work on the Pre?

    Applesauce Polish Restores the Original Finish to Your iPod
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    I'd be interested in a way to fix the small scratches too; the light refractions are very annoying.

    With regards to the headphone jack, I think that's a common problem. Mine ocassionally loses one of the channels. I'd also be interested in a fix for that, although I'm not sure it's worth the hassle of a replacement Pre if there isn't one.

    As for the creaking, I get that sometimes and I have a touchstone back, so no, I don't think putting an inductive back on would solve that. The creaking seems to have gone lately though.. Try just putting pressure on the corners to get a better fit with the phone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NVpreguy View Post
    I have seen this for the iphone but not sure if it will work on the Pre?

    [url= Polish Restores the Original Finish to Your iPod[/url]
    does that fill in the scratches or is that an abrasive? I don't really want to spend $20 on another abrasive that seems to not work (after using novus)
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    Does anyone else have ideas for fixes?
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    Please keep the ideas coming, I scratched my phone also.
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    Has anybody tried a headlight lens restorer for automobiles: 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System: Automotive

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