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    I have all of my music on Itunes because I have always had Ipods. So, when I put my music on my Pre it does not play correctly. It will play a song and then kick out. Sometimes it even plays a song, then switch to a new song a couple times and then kick out? Now, when I plugged it up to my computer Itunes does not even recognize it anymore and won't update my new music???? Anyone know why???
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    I have the same issue even though I dont use itunes. Basically whats happenening to me is random albums or songs wont play on my Pre. It will try to play but it will go back to main screen of music player before any music comes out, and I have to restart my pre. Anyone else other than us have this issue?

    (I used windows media player to sync, some music works, some doesnt, but it all plays fine on computer, and everything is in mp3 format)
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    I just put my music on the usb drive, and music (remix) plays them just fine, never was a fan of itunes or other media libraries. Pre + itunes won't work, because apple shuts the pre out everytime, so you have two options use an old version of itunes or just drop your mp3s on the usb drive.

    or you could use media monkey iirc

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