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    I recently decided to use Google voice to handle my voice mail( since its sends you text translations of your messages) thing is that the pre has that voice message button ( at the bottom on the left) that auto calls your own voice mail - is there any way to re-set that so it dials my google voice mail account and NOT the sprint voice mail account? anyone have any ideas? I have done a preset for it.. but figured i have that voice mail key there it would be great to use it... Help....
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    You will no longer get the voice mail icon from Sprint when you get a google voice mail. The only notification you get on your Pre is the text message.

    I simply created a quick dial on my launcher's first page that calls Google Voice.

    The other option is using G-Dial Pro, it has voice mail notifications that call Google Voice.
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    Gdial pro is a great app... i highly recommend it
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    Where/what do you edit in PalmDatabase.db3?
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    I could use a slightly more detailed explanation here. I chased the link, searched the forums, and it brought me right back here.

    How do I edit this database? And what do I change so that it will call my number instead of verizon voicemail, which I don't use...?


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